Take a break and find your voice!

Enhance employee engagement, promote health & wellbeing in your workplace through the power of singing

We now work internationally with our Sing at Work online program!

Sing at Work offers bespoke, one to one singing lessons for organisations, business professionals and individuals looking to enhance their health and wellbeing.

Our program focuses on promoting a new found energy, confidence, productivity and collaboration for employees.

Sing at Work was founded by two Irish Opera singers, Ross Scanlon and Linsey Dempsey, who through their years of performing and teaching began to see the potential in using singing to inspire motivation in day to day work life and business.

They share a passion for encouraging people to find not only their true voice, but also to boost motivation and a positive mental attitude.

Meet Ross & Linsey
Just some of the companies and organisations we’ve worked with:

So what are the benefits?

Beyond the joy of singing, there are many powerful reasons why Sing at Work can be of benefit to employees and in turn, your business, both physical and psychological.

Benefits to the Company

When it comes to the organisational benefits of singing, the list is immense!

  • Improves employee engagement and productivity and gives renewed purpose
  • Creates more energy and motivation, for a better work environment
  • Creates new sense of connection and collaboration essential to team building
  • Reduces employee stress and burnout to improve employee retention
  • Increases efficiency and reduces absenteeism through stress and anxiety
  • Instils greater confidence, along with an ease in performing, that boosts presentation skills
  • Develops leadership skills – the strength of being brave and vulnerable
  • Creates a sense of harmony through listening - adjusting your voice to give team harmony
  • Encourages agility and the ability to adapt and change quickly
  • Instils a sense of value in your workforce

Benefits to the Employee

Investing in people is crucial. Singing in the workplace is a wonderful way to engage and create value amongst your team.

  • Singing creates an opportunity for employees to step out of the work space and have fun
  • Improves morale and communication, creating a better atmosphere
  • Singing connects people socially and creates an invisible link
  • Increases motivation, helping to improve productivity levels and confidence
  • Singing engages the brain differently, bringing a new focus to the working day
  • Moving the body releases tension, physical stiffness and stress
  • Self-expression gives a new found confidence and self-worth
  • Teaches good posture which benefits employees at their desk
  • Offers breathing tools to promote mindfulness and reduce stress and anxiety

How does it work?

We have developed an effective program for working with businesses of all types.


Begin your musical journey now

The first step is of course to give us a call so we can get to know you and your business and recommend what we think might work for you and/or your team.


Create harmony for your team

Based on the information we have and your budget, we'll put together a structured plan taking into consideration some factors such as the size of your team, expectations and whether you decide on group or one to one lessons - you won't be disappointed!


Sing up, sing out

Once we've all agreed on the lesson plan and how to move forward, we'll get to know your team so that they are reassured that they are in safe hands, we'll explain clearly what to expect and we'll put a plan into action - let the singing begin!

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Moving with the times…

Like so many businesses in 2020 we've learnt to adapt to the times and this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We've moved our lessons on line and they work exceptionally well and now, more than ever before, employees need increased engagement and motivation as they work remotely.

Sing at Work has adapted our lesson delivery so that they work for individuals and groups. We have tailored our sessions so that employees get the most out of every singing interaction and we can adapt any of our programmes to deliver to your workforce.

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