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Sing at Work was founded by two Irish Opera singers, Ross Scanlon and Linsey Dempsey, who through their years of performing and teaching began to see the potential in using singing to inspire motivation in day to day work life and business.

They share a passion for encouraging people to find not only their true voice, but also to boost motivation and a positive mental attitude.

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Ross Scanlon

I am passionate about mental health! One of the main reasons I set up Sing at Work is to show the power of the human voice and how it can help people cope with everyday stresses and strains. Whether you are humming Happy Birthday or belting out Beyonce, singing gets us out of our head, turns off our consciousness and allows us to live in the moment. The benefits of singing are endless and I can't wait for people to start experiencing them first hand.

Loud chewing and bad time keeping

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Linsey Dempsey

I am passionate about people! I set up Sing at Work because I believe singing can be life changing and I feel like we are only scratching the surface of the multitude of benefits connected to making sound.

I am convinced that the workplace is an area that singing can make a huge difference to everyone involved. I am excited to help people seek and find their true authentic voice.


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What our clients say about Sing at Work

Here's some of our clients singing our praises!

"Linsey is a fabulous coach. She takes a very holistic approach to her craft, encouraging her students to step out of their comfort zones and to find their true voices. Highly recommended."

Paul Dunne EMEA Channel Director & Alliances

"Ross gave me amazing one on one vocal coaching lessons. He taught me how to protect my voice with tailored warm ups for a vocal range I didn't know I had. He planned my lessons around areas I wanted to focus on specifically and really brought out the best in my voice."

Louise Dempsey - Senior Investor Relations Administrator

"Singing lessons at work are fun and have great benefits for work in particular for presentations and meetings. In the vocal lessons I learn techniques to find my natural pitch for effortless speaking, breathing exercises train me how to calm down and get focused and working on a song helps to structure it all."

Norbert Auer - Data Analyst

"[email protected] was such a breath of fresh air compared to other corporate activities. Ross was amazing at making my team feel at ease and really brought them all together. You do not have to be a singer to enjoy this at all, it was a great way to start the day off and really improved energy/communication and productivity!"

Zoe Smith - Managing Director, One Property Recruitment

"Singing requires complete focus, allowing the person to expel all worries and thoughts from their mind and focus on one pure action, essentially a form of meditation. Producing vocal sounds uses an array of muscles which can help relieve tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders. A short singing session can help a person feel renewed and refreshed and is something that people of all levels of experience can and should try."

Ros O'Flaherty - Insurance

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