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Duration 20:25

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Want to see how our online teaching goes? In this video, Ross works with our client Louise via Zoom to guide her through a lesson with a variety of exercises and techniques.

Duration 41:30

Let's Talk about the Arts Interview with Linsey & Ross (Credit to Fearghal Curtis)

"Ross Scanlon and Linsey Dempsey from Sing at work join Fearghal on this episode to discuss their new company which is taking the art and skill of singing into the workplace. We chat about how they came to find themselves on this path, what Sing at Work hopes to bring to the corporate world and how singing can be a benefit to our mental health."


Browse our collection of podcasts, interviews and more


Sing at Work hits the right notes to boost wellbeing talks to Ross and Linsey about Sing at Work's core product and service, the aim of the company, challenges they've faced and more.

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2FM Radio Interview with Louise McSharry

Linsey speaks to Louise about her own personal journey and how she overcame her own trauma allowing her to re-find her own voice resulting in the idea to set up this new company, Sing at Work with Ross.

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Dublin City FM – interview with Jillian Godsil – Making a Difference

Ross and Linsey talk about Sing at Work and how important 'Time Out' is for employees in the workplace. How they tailor what they do to individual needs, helping people to find their voice, spoken or singing voice, giving confidence when delivering presentations or just finding that singing voice that they always knew was there!

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