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First, let's talk about the benefits

Beyond the joy of singing, there are many powerful reasons why Sing at Work can be of benefit to employees and in turn, your business, both physical and psychological.

Stress in the workplace, particularly now when most workforces are working remotely, can have a huge impact on employee engagement and productivity causing anxiety and burnout. Studies have shown that singing is one of the best remedies for stress, releasing endorphins which in turn lowering cortisol (our stress hormone).

It is said that group singing helps to sync the heart rates of the participants. What better way to cultivate relationships, develop high performance teams and to ensure employees feel valued!

Video Testimonial

How Sing at Work has helped Phil

Director of events and author Phil speaks about how SingatWork sessions have helped him increase his lung capacity and alleviate the symptoms of a paralysed diaphragm while helping him re connect with this voice after years of vocal issues.

Better Communications

Documented evidence shows that working relationships and interactions improved with a change in the working dynamic (e.g. 1:1 singing lesson). In group format singing helps to build strong teams for high performance.

By allowing people the time to have fun and relax within the working environment you allow people to be themselves and open up to others and work in sync.

Identifying Leadership Qualities

Singing lessons improve voice projection and tone which transfers into public speaking, presentations and leadership within business. Improved listening, auditory memory development and increased concentration follow a one to one lesson. Natural leaders take control and work positively to encourage colleagues of their team to engage.

Improved Morale

Singing lessons provide a creative outlet which in turn makes the employee feel valued. We all know that a positive and enthusiastic workforce will create a knock on effect that radiates and makes your office a fun environment to work in.

Improved Productivity

Employees return feeling refreshed and re-energised. Communication skills are broadened and stamina levels are increased leading to better productivity levels, less friction and more effective team work

Increasing Employee Confidence

Singing in the workplace can improve employees personal confidence and also help them to see their colleagues in a different and more positive light. Improved confidence gives your workforce the courage to express new ideas.

Improving Mental and Physical Health & Wellbeing

Dopamine is the main chemical released during singing, reducing stress and anxiety and therefore increasing motivation and positivity allowing for a more productive working environment. Promoting good physical health is extremely important and powerful in staff retention.

So how can Sing at Work help you to take it to your Desk?

  • Help you to build a team who feel valued and are confident within their roles
  • Increase the productivity of your colleagues, encouraging collaboration
  • Empower your teams to feel confident to express an opinion and communicate effectively
  • Improve the overall health and wellbeing of your organisation
  • Create a real sense of community and team spirit

Wouldn't it be great if you could sing at work...

Singing Changes Your Mood

There is plenty of evidence that singing out loud is a very effective form of self-expression giving you greater satisfaction and making you happy. So even though hearing an upbeat song will make you happy, releasing endorphins which are associated with feelings of pleasure.

Reduces Stress

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by life in lockdown, singing can be a great stress buster. It may feel funny to sing outloud but it really does help with anxiety, depression and feelings of lonliness and isolation.

Gives You Confidence

Singing makes you more relaxed and confident. Not only that but when you learn to sing effectively and it's very rewarding, especially when you sound good and you know it! Singing can give you a real boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Offering Lots of Fun

Singing lessons give you a sense of purpose to your week and allow you to look forward to taking some well-deserved ‘me’ time whilst also having a lot of fun and feeling energised!

So how can Sing at Work help you sing at home?

  • Encourage you to experience the fun and joy of singing
  • Allow you to discover your inner Diva and perform your favourite song in public
  • Empower you to learn that special party piece and perform it family gatherings and parties
  • Encourage you to learn the harmonies of a group song that you’ve always wanted to be able to nail with your closest friends!

Wouldn't it be great to be that Diva...

So how does it work?

We have developed an effective program for working with businesses of all types.


Begin your musical journey now

The first step is of course to give us a call so we can get to know you and your business and recommend what we think might work for you and/or your team.


Create harmony for your team

Based on the information we have and your budget, we'll put together a structured plan taking into consideration some factors such as the size of your team, expectations and whether you decide on group or one to one lessons - you won't be disappointed!


Sing up, sing out

Once we've all agreed on the lesson plan and how to move forward, we'll get to know your team so that they are reassured that they are in safe hands, we'll explain clearly what to expect and we'll put a plan into action - let the singing begin!

A look at our lesson structure

  • Check in with employee to see how their week has been
  • Discuss any specific issues they would like to work on this week
  • Body Scan and Stretch
    Body awareness to release any unwanted tension
  • Posture
    Spine Roll, Shoulder Roll, Leg Swing, Floor Work, Stretching
  • Alignment
    Freeing of neck and shoulders
  • Breathing
    Using a series of breath and vocal exercises to promote mindfulness and good vocal production
  • Repertoire for the week
    Focus on chosen repertoire
  • Work on vocal production and tone, projection, clarity of text, timbre, pacing, articulation and vocal placement
  • Warm down
    Positive and encouraging feedback before returning to their desk

Singing Experiences

Everything we offer is bespoke to each company and individual. We will work with you to develop a unique package that works for your employees and organisation. To meet your needs, we will tailor one of the following three Singing Experiences:

Begin to Sing

One to One Singing Lessons

Minimum duration: 8 weeks

This is the beginning of your company or personal journey and we will work with you on a bespoke one on one package for your individual employees and tailored to their needs.

Whatever your individual employee's need, we can provide it in a one to one session in the strictest of confidence.

We can work with each individual on whatever area they wish to develop including:

  • Finding your voice
  • Motivation and morale boost Relieving stress
  • General health and well-being Confidence building Presentation skills
  • Singing to perform
  • Time out for fun
  • Learning a 'Party Piece'

"Getting out of your comfort zone promotes greater innovation - be more creative and allow yourself to see things in a completely new way."

Office singing and its benefits by Truworth Wellness

Strive to Perform

One to One Singing Lessons with focus on Finale Performance

Minimum duration: 12 weeks

This is also about individuals but with a focus on building up to a finale performance, hence the longer duration. Again a bespoke package and we can work with you and your employees to develop a one to one programme that works for you with ultimate goal of performing.

Whatever you need for your employees, we can provide it in a one to one sessions in the strictest of confidence.

Includes all of the introductory features below plus a performance:

  • Building effective teams Motivation and Morale boost Relieving stress
  • General health and wellbeing Confidence building Presentation skills
  • Finding your voice
  • Singing to perform
  • Time out for fun
  • Learning a 'Party Piece' Performance to an audience

"Research from the University of Frankfurt shows that singing boosts the immune system."

HSE Staff health & wellbeing paper

Coming Together to Sing

This is all about group performance.

Once you've taken that first step on your singing journey we have so much more to offer you in terms of the power of singing and what it can unfold in you and in your employees.

Group performance encourages you to find your voice together, builds team relationships and develops confidence.

You can create your own singing package, here are some of our more popular:

"79% of people who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as their main reason for leaving."

Entrepreneur.com article by Jocelyn Kung

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