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How Sing at Work has helped Clelia

This testimonial from Clelia Murphy is a powerful one, in which she talks about how Sing at Work helped her find her voice.

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See Ross in action!

Want to see how our online teaching goes? In this video, Ross works with our client Louise via Zoom to guide her through a lesson with a variety of exercises and techniques.


We've gathered some great articles about the positive impact of singing in the workplace

ITV (2021)

How Long Covid sufferers are learning breathing techniques used by ENO Opera Singers to recover

Opera singers are experts in the use of breath to make sound, not just using the top part of the lungs as most of us do, but learning how to breathe deeply and in the right way!

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Career Addict (2016)

Why Singing in the office is good for you

There is plenty of evidence that listening to music at work can improve your performance, but what about singing? Does it work the same way?

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Work and Wellbeing (2018)

5 reasons why an office choir can get your team singing to the same tune

The words "team building" usually bring about sighs and scepticism. While these activities are intended to bring a team together and encourage staff to interact less formally, unfortunately they sometimes have the opposite effect.

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Quartz (2019)

The surprising benefits of singing at work

An increasing focus on "wellbeing" at work has led some of the UK's biggest corporations to fund music lessons and choirs.

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Inc. (2018)

Sing to ease stress and anxiety: This Might Be the Simplest Scientific Way to Get Rid of Stress You've Ever Heard Of

Basic vocalizing can trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, calming you down.

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Raconteur (2018)

Why should you invest in a corporate wellness program?

The wellbeing of staff is a win-win for employees and employers as the spotlight focuses on mental health in the workplace and its impact on the bottom line

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Invest in your employees: The Benefits of Recreational Music Making for Working People Over Age 45

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GeekWire (2020)

The benefits of music lessons taken throughout the working day.

A music lesson in the middle of a telecommuting day can provide the same benefits - gratification through growth and development, intellectual stimulation, a cognitive refresh - as a typical workplace lesson.

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on:song (2019)

The impact of singing in the workplace. How singing lifts peoples mood and brings them together!

A workplace choir is proven to improve employee wellbeing, mental health and happiness and can take employees out of their comfort zones, shown to lead to greater levels of engagement and creativity and help improve your company's bottom line

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Sing at Work in the press! Read interviews with Ross & Linsey

May 2020

2FM Radio Interview with Louise McSharry

Linsey speaks to Louise about her own personal journey and how she overcame her own trauma allowing her to re-find her own voice resulting in the idea to set up this new company, Sing at Work with Ross.

Full interview
January 2021

Sunday Independent Life Magazine - Interview with Orla Nelligan

Sing at Work's first "spread", during this interview Ross and Linsey talk about the benefits of singing in the workplace and how it can help with mental help and wellbeing.

Full interview
January 2021

Let's Talk about the Arts Interview with Linsey & Ross (Credit to Fearghal Curtis)

"Ross Scanlon and Linsey Dempsey from Sing at work join Fearghal on this episode to discuss their new company which is taking the art and skill of singing into the workplace. We chat about how they came to find themselves on this path, what Sing at Work hopes to bring to the corporate world and how singing can be a benefit to our mental health."

Full interview
January 2021

Dublin City FM – interview with Jillian Godsil – Making a Difference

Ross and Linsey talk about Sing at Work and how important 'Time Out' is for employees in the workplace. How they tailor what they do to individual needs, helping people to find their voice, spoken or singing voice, giving confidence when delivering presentations or just finding that singing voice that they always knew was there!

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